British Keelboat League Final 2021

24th to 26th September 2021

Poole Yacht Club

Congratulations to Royal Thames YC, winners of the British Keelboat League Finals 2021.

Welcome to the British Keelboat League Final 2021 hosted by Poole Yacht Club.
Teams have been invited to the Finals based on their performance at the previous League events which have been sailed at different venues around the UK since June.

With the race area being just a stones throw from the shore, Poole Yacht Club provides the BKL with a unique venue within the amazing waters of Poole Harbour. The Poole Yacht Club is setting up food and drink outlets on its marina wall which overlooks the race area providing a great environment for competitors and spectators to watch the racing. The main bar in the clubhouse is open all day for hot and cold drinks

More information about the event can be found at the British Keelboat League Association Website.

It's time to #RockUpAndRace

Cardiff Bay YC SS (S)
Hatty Morsley
Richard Mills
Chris Keatley
Harri Pain
Cardiff Bay YC (B)
Sam Thomas
Rhys Lewis
Iolo Davis
Hooe Point SC (J)
Alice Senior
Jasmine Boote
Will Alder(Fri)/Emma James(Sat,Sun)
Natalie Annels
Hunts SC (H)
Paris Thomas
Marta Uncio Ribera
Jamie Webb
Chloe Macaulay
Marconi SC (M)
Daniel Nickalls
David Nickalls
Hannah Bard
Jack Wardell
Poole YC (P)
Angus Kemp
Imogen Kemp
James Foster
Sam Davis
Queen Mary SC (Q)
Christopher Eames
Henry Morley
Ali Hinds
Matthew Smaller
Hamish Taylor
Innes Stewart
Helena Leeson-Payne
Dominic Lloyd
Royal Corinthian YC (C)
Jamie Mears
Alex Porteous
Mel Titmus
Nic Tolhurst
Royal Northern and Clyde YC (N)
Ali Morrish
Tom Harrison(Fri)/Emily Robertson(Sat,Sun)
Chloe Whitton
Richard Moxley
Royal Thames YC (T)
Scott Wallis
Jemima Lawson
David Robertson
Matthew Wallis
West Kirby SC (W)
Sarah Jarman
Niall Myant-Best
Simon Hall
Owen Bowerman


Royal Lymington YC

Official Notice Board

The Official Notice Board is available on the BKL Website.

Printable Schedules
Race Schedule Grid View - For Teams
Race Schedule List View - For Teams
Race Schedule Changeover View - For Ferry Boats