British Keelboat League Championship 2020

25th to 27th September 2020

Welcome to the Schedules and Results for the British Keelboat League 2020. More information about the event can be found at the British Keelboat League Association Website.

Banbury SC
Clyde Cruising Club
Dorchester SC
Haversham SC
Imperial College 2
Imperial College SC
London Corinthian SC
Plymouth Univerity Alumni
Royal Hospital School
Royal Lymington SC
Royal Thames YC
Royal Western YC
Spinnaker SC
West Hoe SC

Entry List Correct as at Friday 25th Septmber

Event Documents are available on the Official Notice Board.

2020 Events

Due to the cancellation of events due to the Covid crisis, this event is the only remaining part of the Championship.
Here's to more Keelboat Sailing in 2021

During the event, all boats and equipment were cleaned and sanitised between each crew change.
For the environmentally friendly products which were used, please see more at