BSDRA Finals 2023

26th & 27th June at Norfolk Broads Yacht Club

The BSDRA Finals are the culmination of a term of inter-school team racing.

For the first time, the BSDRA Finals are being hosted by Norwich School and Norfolk Broads Yacht Club on the waters of the beautiful Wroxham Broad.
The event will feature two divisions of competition with teams competing in either the Firefly Division (Year 13 and below) or the RS Feva Division (Year 11 and below).

Results of the 2022, 2021, 2019 Firefly, 2019 Feva, 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015 events.


Feva Division

Claires Court Schools Red
Clifton College
Norwich School Blue
Norwich School Red
Norwich School White
Royal Hospital School Blue
Royal Hospital School Green
Royal Hospital School Orange
Royal Hospital School Yellow
Rutland SC Kraken
Rutland SC Ospreys
Ryde School Yellow
Sevenoaks School Black
Sevenoaks School Blue
Sevenoaks School Red
Sevenoaks School White
Sherborne School Junior

Entries Correct to 11:00 24 June 2023

Feva Schedules and Results

Firefly Division

Claires Court Schools Green
Claires Court Schools Squad
Magdalen College School Black
Magdalen College School Red
Norwich School
Royal Grammar Shool (Guildford) Green
Royal Grammar Shool (Guildford) Red
Royal Hospital School Blue
Royal Hospital School Grey
Royal Hospital School Navy
Royal Hospital School Pink
Royal Hospital School Purple
Rutland SC Raiders
Rutland SC Rascals
Ryde School Blue
Ryde School Green
Ryde School Red
Sevenoaks School
Sherborne School Youth
Tonbridge School Black
Tonbridge School Red
Winchester College

Entries Correct to 11:00 24 June 2023

Firefly Schedules and Results