BSDRA Finals 2022

4th and 5th July at Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club

The BSDRA Finals are the culmination of a term of inter-school team racing.

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Results of the 2021, 2019 Firefly, 2019 Feva, 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015 events.


Firefly Division
Claires Court School Red
Clifton College
Cokethorpe Crusaders
Magdalen College School Red
Magdalen College School Black
Norwich School
RGS Guildford Green
RGS Guildford Red
Royal Hospital School Blue
Royal Hospital School Purple
Rutland SC Raiders
Rutland SC Squad
Ryde Red
Sevenoaks School Red
Sevenoaks School White
Stamford School
Tonbridge School Black
Winchester College
Feva Division
Claires Court School Green
Claires Court School Yellow
Clifton College U15
Clifton College U16
Embley Gold
Embley Green
Magdalen College School
Norwich School Blue
Norwich School Red
Royal Hospital School Yellow
Rutland SC Kraken
Ryde Blue
Ryde Green
Sevenoaks School Blue
Tonbridge School White
Winchester College

Entries Correct to 23:00 02 July 2022

Withdrawn Teams
30/06/2022 - Sevenoaks School Black (Feva Division)
02/07/2022 - Radley College All Stars (Feva Division>