Welcome to the BSDRA Finals 2017

2nd to 4th July 2017 at Royal Hospital School

British Schools Dinghy Racing Association Team Racing Finals

Trophy Winners

Winchester College

Rondar Shield - The Overall Winner

Whitstable Trophy - The highest placed BSDRA School.

Sevenoaks School

The Hyde Cup - The second placed BSDRA School

RGS Guildford

The Radley Quaich - The most improved entry - using the last three years for qualification

Not Awarded :
- The Founders Trophy - The best overseas team
- The Datchet Trophy - Winners of the Bronze League
- The Fairfield Plate - Winners of the Silver League (Believed Lost between 2012-2013)

The BSDRA Finals is the culmination of a the Summer Term Schools Team Racing calendar. Teams will have already competed at regional BSDRA Events as well as local friendlies and matches. For three days, teams will compete for the chance to win the Whitstable Trophy; possibly the oldest trophy in School Sport.

BSDRA regional events this year have been won by Winchester (Southern & Thames Valley), Tonbridge School(South East) and Rugby School (Eastern).

Results from the 2016 Event and 2015 Event are also available online.

Organised by Royal Hospital School.
Latest Information

Firefly Entry List

Magdalen College School 1
Magdalen College School 2
Oxford Team Racing Academy
RGS Guildford Green
RGS Guildford Red
Royal Hospital School 1
Royal Hospital School 2
Royal Hospital School 3
Sevenoaks School 1
Sevenoaks School 2
Stamford Endowed Schools
Tonbridge School Black
Winchester College

Feva Entry List

Claires Court School 1
Claires Court School 2
Norwich School 1
Norwich School 2
Oxford Team Racing Academy
Royal Hospital School 1
Royal Hospital School 2
Royal Hospital School 3
Sevenoaks School
Winchester College

Entry List correct at 12:00 30/06/2017

These documents are provided for information only, changes to Sailing Instructions will be published on the Official Notice Board.

Provisional Format

Stage 1
HLS League
Stage 2
Groups - Gold, Silver & Bronze. As even numbers of Teams as possible.
Stage 3
Stage 4
Semi-Finals - first to two wins
Stage 5
Petit Final - first to two wins
Final - first to two wins

This information is provided for information only, the full format and progression detail is available in the Sailing Instructions.