Welcome to the RYA Eric Twiname Junior Team Racing 2018

13th & 14th October at Oxford Sailing Club

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Results of the 2017 (Junior) event, 2016 (Junior) event and 2015 (Junior) event

Eric Twiname Trust

The event is run by the RYA and is sponsored and supported by the Eric Twiname Trust.
The ET Trust is a charitable trust which concentrates on supporting youth sailing and racing.

Bewl Blue
Bewl Red
Burghfield Maxi's
Burghfield Midi's
Burghfield Mini's
Claires Court School
East/HISC Oppie Team
Elizabeth College
Hayling Island
Norwich School
RGS Green Minnows
RGS Red Micros
Royal Hospital School
Rutland Gold
Ryde School Junior
Sevenoaks Red
Sevenoaks White
Sherborne School
Spinnaker Port
Spinnaker Starboard
WKSC Boys Team
WKSC Girls Team
WKSC Mixed Team
WOSC Juniors

Entry List correct at 11:00 11/10/2018

Please visit the online Notice Board.
Additional information will be available on the Notice Board in the Club House.

Stage 1
HLS League
Stage 2
Teams will be split into groups (Gold A; Gold B, Silver A and Silver B) by rank order from Stage 1. The groups will contain as even number of teams as possible.
Where the number of teams is not divisible by the number of groups, the higher groups shall have the greater number of teams.
Stage 3
Knockouts - Semi Finals
Gold Semi Final 1: 1st Gold A Vs 1st Gold B
Gold Semi Final 2: 2nd Gold A Vs 3rd Gold A
The Winner will be the first to score two race wins.
Silver Semi Final 1: 1st Silver A Vs 1st Silver B
Silver Semi Final 2: 2nd Silver A Vs 3rd Silver A
The Winner will be the first to score two race wins
Stage 4
Knockouts - Final
The Gold Final will be between the two winning Gold Semi Finalists. The Winner will be the first to score two race wins.
The Silver Final will be between the two winning Silver Semi Finalists. The Winner will be the first to score two race wins.

This information is provided for information only, the full format and progression detail is available in the Sailing Instructions. The Race Committee may change the format of the event. Please see Notice Boards and Sailing Instructions for details.