Welcome to the OUYC Oxford Magnum 2022

26th & 27th November at Oxford Sailing Club


Congratulations to Elmside Neighbours, Winners of the 2022 Oxford Magnum. Special mention to RTYC White who were unbeaten in the incomplete Gold league.

A Summary of the standings after Stage 1 and details of the incomplete Stage 2, as well as the outcome of All Races are available here

Welcoming university, open, and school teams, the Oxford Magnum will be run over 2 days in 4 flights of Fireflies at Farmoor Reservoir, culminating in the presentation of the traditional prize.

More information about the Oxford Magnum is available on the OUYC Website.

Results from previous editions of the Oxford Magnum 2019;2018;2017;2016 and 2015

Organised by OUYC

Bristol Black
Bristol Red
Cambridge Blue
Cambridge Pink
Cumberland Sausages
Discount Foie Gras
Elmside Neighbours
Exeter Black
Exeter Blue
Freddy's Friends
RTYC White
Sheffield Gold
The Oxford Prawns
UCL Purple

Entry List Correct to 17:30 25/11/2022