Scottish Student Sailing Leagues 2023/2024
part of the BUCS Team Racing Championships 2024

League One
University of Dundee Sailing Club

University of Dundee at Loch Ore
18th & 29th November 2023

League Two
University of Glasgow Sailing Club

University of Glasgow at Bardowie Loch
27th & 28th January 2024

League 3
University of Strathclyde Sailing Club

University of Strathclyde at Bardowie Loch
3rd & 4th February 2023

Scottish Student Sailing
Organised by Scottish Student Sailing

Supported by

British Universities Sailing Association
British Universities and Colleges Sport
The scheduling and results service has been provided by kSail.

Aberdeen Blue
Aberdeen Green*
Dream Team*
Dundee Black
Dundee Red
Edinburgh Blue
Edinburgh Green
Edinburgh Pink*
Edinburgh White
Glasgow Green
Glasgow Pink
Glasgow Red
St Andrews Pink
St Andrews Red
St Andrews Yellow
Strathclyde Blue
Strathclyde Green*
Strathclyde Orange
Strathclyde Pink
Strathclyde Red*

* = not BUCS eligible and cannot progress above silver and cannot be in silver-gold playoff.
These pages provide an online record of the results. The results were not published live during the event.