Welcome to the Cam Cup 2024

24th and 25th February at Grafham Water Sailing Club

Congratulations to Cumberland Sausages, winners of the Cam Cup 2024

A Summary of the Knockouts, the standings after Stage 1, and the outcome of All Races are available here

The Cam Cup is a Team Racing event hosted annually by Cambridge University Cruising Club.

The 2024 Cam Cup promises to be as awesome as ever. Having hosted a hugely successful Cam Cup and BUSA Finals in 2023 top end team racing returns to Grafham.

Results from the Cam Cup 2023, Cam Cup 2022, Cam Cup 2019, Cam Cup 2017 and Cam Cup 2016 are available. Due to inclement weather, the Cam Cup 2020 and Cam Cup 2018 were abandoned.


Aero Bubbles
Cambridge Pu(rple and Pi)nk
Cream of Tomato
Cumberland Sausages
Durham Alum
Durham Purple
Edinburgh Black
Elmside Neighbours
Exeter Navy
Imperial Blue
Oxford Blue
Oxford Red
RLYC Foxes
Royal Sparsholt Naval Academy
Rutland Raiders
Southampton Green

The Entry List Correct to Wednesday 21st February 20:00.