RHS Spring Trophy 2023

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Firefly Entry
Norwich (FF)
Claires Court (FF)
Eton (FF)
Oakham (FF)
RGS (Green)
RGS (Red)
RHS (Navy)
RHS (Pink)
Tonbridge (Black)
Tonbridge (Red)

Feva Entry
Claires Court A (Feva)
Claires Court B (Feva)
King's (Blue)
King's (Yellow)
RHS (Blue)
RHS (Green)
RHS (Grey)
Sevenoaks (Red)
Sevenoaks (White)

These pages provide an online record of the results. The results were not published live during the event.

Stage 1
Firefly - HLS
Feva - Win Points
Semi Finals, Petit Final and Final