International Blind Keelboat League 2023
Rutland Sailing Club

17th to 19th November 2023

Welcome to Rutland Sailing Club for the International Blind Sailing League.

Teams of blind and partially sighted sailors from around the world will enjoy a series of short course racing in Rutland Sailing Club's fleet of RS21 Keelboats.

Race Schedules and live results will be available on this website during the event.

It's time to #RockUpAndRace

Hosted by GBR Blind Sailing

Organised by Rutland Sailing Club

Aus Lost at Sea
Kylie Forth - Helm, Kiara Parkinson - Sighted jib trim, Erin McGlew - Mailsail trim, Del Kilcullen - Sighted tactician
French Freedom
Olivier Ducruix (B1) Helm, Nicolas Rondouin (B1), Fabienne Rassat (B2), Gilles Guyon (sighted)
GBR 0% Risk
Jonny Cormack, Ian Shirra, Vic Sheen, Sally Rodrigues
GBR Barons
Colin Midgley, Gareth Robinson, Chris Albert, Martin Philips
GBR Challengers
Malcom James, Sarah Featherstone, Pat Beukenholdt, Neil Brooks
GBR Gravity
Jonny Stevenson, Steve Tylecoote, Lucy Hodges, Toby Davey