BSDRA South East 2023
The Hoad Shield

17th June at Bough Beech Sailing Club

The BSDRA SE Championship for the Hoad Shield is the last event of the school summer team racing season before the BSDRA Finals which will be held at Norfolk Broads SC at the end of June.

Results from the 2022 Event; 2019 Event; 2018 Event; 2017 Event and 2016 Event are also available online.


Firefly Division
RGS Green
Royal Hospital School Blue
Royal Hospital School Navy
Royal Hospital School Pink
Royal Hospital School Purple
Rutland Raiders
Sevenoaks School
Tonbridge Black
Tonbridge Red
Feva Division
Claires Court 1
Claires Court 2
Embley Blue
Embley Green
Norwich Bue
Norwich Red
Oakham Feva
Sevenoaks Black
Sevenoaks Blue
Sevenoaks Red
Sevenoaks White
Tonbridge Blue
Tonbridge White
Wellington College17:30 15/06/23

Entries Correct to 18:00 15th June 2023