British Keelboat League Women's 2023

9th to 10th September at the Royal Southern Yacht Club

Welcome to the Royal Southern Yacht Club British Keelboat League Womens event of 2023
Teams will be enjoying the conditions of the Central Solent from the club in the heart of the Hamble River.

More information about the league can be found at the British Keelboat League Association Website.

It's time to #RockUpAndRace

Alexandra Ling and Team (A)
Elly Pegg and Team (E)
Georgina Havers and Team (G)
Isabel Scruby and Team (S)
Jenn Lancaster and Team (J)
Karen Cheeseman and Team (K)
Louise Johnson and Team (L)
Maisie Harkess and Team (H)
Mia Morgan and Team (M)
Victoria Stone and Team (V)

Entries Correct to 18:00 7th September 2023

Official Noticeboard

The Official Noticeboard is located on the Royal Southern SCM system.

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