BKL Women's Championship

16th & 17th July 2022

Proudly part of the Womens Open Keelboat Championship 2022.

Congratulations to the Royal Northern and Clyde Yacht Club team of Alison Morrish, Emily Robertson, Anna Dobson and Catherine Martin -Jones, winners of the BKL Women's Championship 2022.

For more information about the Womens Open Keelboat Championships, hosted by the Royal Southern Yacht Club, please see the event website at https://www.womensopenkeelboatchampionships.co.uk/.

Eastbourne Sovereign Sailing Club (K)
Katy Hanton, Ori Anane-Dumfeh, Phoebe Godin, Alyssia Smith
Marconi Sailing Club (M)
Sophia Southgate, Mia Morgan, Anna Collis, Jemma Clarke
Poole Yacht Club (A)
Alexis Ernst, Joanna Finn, Lorna Graham, Marcie Perrow
Poole Yacht Club (P)
Amber Hale, Jackie Hale, Becky Russel, Izzy Hillier
Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club (H)
Ceci Wolllmann, Ellie Wolllmann, Sophie Heritage, tbc
Royal Northern and Clyde Yacht Club (N)
Alison Morrish, Emily Robertson, Anna Dobson, Catherine Martin -Jones
RS Sailing (L)
Lynn Billowes, Iléana, Beth, Toni
Rutland Raiders (R)
Sarah Kemp, Fiona Tylecote, Alex Wilby, Felicity Sitton
Scorpion Class (S)
Catherine Maguire, Vicky Lincoln, Ellie Pegg, Hannah Buchanan
South Feva RTG (F)
Holly Mitchell, Immy Jones, Maya Bergman Smith, Nia Mecklenburgh, Emilia Ripley

Entry List Correct to 16:00 14th July 2022

The BKL Women's Championship is being run by members of the RYA Race Officials Academy, a national programme supporting the development of young race officials.