Tonbridge School Generations Cup 2018

5th May 2018 at Bough Beech Sailing Club

Congratulations to The Old Tonbridgians, winners of the Generations Cup 2018.

A summary of the Overall Results and the outcome of All Races is available here.

The Tonbridge Generations Cup is a friendly match sailed annually between Old Tonbridgians and the current Tonbridge School team and first sailed in 2016.

Organised by Tonbridge School

Old Tonbridgians
Ed and Will
David and Nick
Alex and Nick
Harry and Rory
Henry and Ed

...and the current Tonbridge Team!

Stage 1
Random Pairs

This information is provided for information only, the full format and progression detail is available in the Sailing Instructions.

These pages provide an online record of the results. The results were not published live during the event.