Swansea Spartan 2018

17th & 18th November 2018

Congratulations to Swansea Alumni 1, Winners of the Swansea Spartan 2018.

A summary of the Final Standings and the outcome of All Races is available here.

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Aberystwyth 1
Aberystwyth 2 - Saturday Only
Cardiff Blue
Cardiff Red
Drunk'n' Fresh - Saturday Only
Exeter Red
Exeter Yellow
Portswood Pirates
Solent Yellow
Swansea Alumni 1
Swansea Alumni 2
Swansea Alumni 3
Swansea Freshers
UKC - Saturday Only

These pages provide an online record of the results. The results were not published live during the event.

Stage 1
HLS League
Stage 2
HLS League
Stage 3
Semi Finals, Petit Final & Final

This information is provided for information only, the full format and progression detail is available in the Sailing Instructions.