Welcome to the Nottingham Snakebite 2017

25th & 26th February 2017 at Notts County Sailing Club


Congratulations to Cambridge Men; winners of the Nottingham Snakebite 2017

A summary of the Overall Results and the outcome of All Races are available here.

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Results from the Snakebite 2016

Latest Information

Bath 1
Bath 2
Birmingham Black
Birmingham Green
Birmingham Off White
Birmingham Purple
Cambridge Beige
Cambridge University Men
Leeds Green
Leeds Pink
Loughborough Pink
Loughborough Purple
Loughborough White
Nottingham Old Boys
Sheffield Hallam
Warwick Black
Warwick Red
Warwick White

Entry List correct at 16:00 24/02/2017

Withdrawn Teams: Surrey Pink (24/02/16)

These documents are provided for information only, changes to Sailing Instructions will be published on the Official Notice Board.

Stage 1
HLS League
Stage 2
Groups - Gold, Silver, Bronze & Plate. As even numbers of Teams as possible.
Stage 3
Semi-Finals - first to two wins - (Silver Surfer)
Stage 4
Final - first to two wins

This information is provided for information only, the full format and progression detail is available in the Sailing Instructions.